A Guide to Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore

Legally licensed sites are what we look first when we have to borrow money from online moneylenders. You get the fund in a legal way without any risks in future and can take care of your needs. You just need to fill up the application on website which is easy and secured, get the quickest approval and money in your account as soon as possible. Always relay on licensed moneylenders for trouble- free transactions.

Licensed moneylender Singapore listing is always available in the website easycredit.com.sg which you can rely if you want to know the trusted ones. Consulting a true directory is a perfect option to get great outcome in time of need. You can know about moneylenders in Singapore that offer various loans like personal loans, short term business loans, cash credit services etc. below are the list of such moneylenders which are licensed under Registry of Money Lender Singapore (IPTO) for your convenience.

  1. Credit hub capital PTE LTD: located near Fortune Centre, Singapore, it is fully authorized and licensed moneylending company that offer fast and easy loans for your emergency financial needs. It provides customized and reliable options at very reasonable interest rates. It has got seven years of experience with superb customer support.
  2. Credit Excel Capital PTE LTD: Located at skyline building, Singapore, it mainly provides funding for business organizations, payday loans and affordable financial offers. It offers friendly service and is truly reliable.
  3. 101 Credit PTE LTD: located near people’s park Centre, Singapore, it offers instant personal loans, foreign loans and payday loans with better payment plans. It is available with competitive interest rate in the market.
  4. 1133 Moneylenders PTE LTD: Located near Okio , Singapore, it provides personal loans at low interest with customer friendly consultation and fast service.
  5. 1st Capital PTE LTD: located at Lucky Plaza, Singapore, it is highly trusted money lender that provides personal and business loans.

Apart from the above mentioned list there are other trusted and licensed companies like 1st Credit SG PTE. LTD., 1ST LG Credit PTE. LTD., 365 Credit Solutions PTE LTD., A1 Credit, ABK Leasing, ABM Credits, Alpha 8 Credit, Andal moneylenders, Avis credit, AP credit and lot more than 150 such companies that you can rely on. Just you have to go through the directory and decide what you have to choose that matches with your preference.