Introduction to yachts

Interested in sailing? It is never too late to start. Now those with some background in sailing or with friends who sail might not find it too hard. However, a complete newbie will find it difficult to get used to the boating terminology.

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Parts of a boat

Bow- The front or the bowed part of a boat is called bow. It is the bow that gives the boat-like shape to your boat.

Port- Port is typically the left side of a yacht. When you sit down on your boat and face ahead, the part to your left will be considered the port

Stern- The backside of your boat is called the Stern. It is usually the flat back side of the boat.

Starboard- This is the right side of your boat when you assume a sitting position.

Waterline- This is the line that divides the part of the yacht that is under water and the part above it when the yacht is loaded.

Draft- This is the distance between the waterline to the bottom of the boat.

Freeboard- Freeboard is the distance between the waterline up to the boat’s deck

Propeller- Propeller is the fan-like structure that rotates under the water to move your yacht front or back. It is usually motor-powered.

Cleat- This is the iron-fitting to hold your rope or line when the boat is stationed.

Length- This is the size of your boat from the tip of the bow to the stern.

Beam- Beam, on the other hand, is the widest width of your boat.

Hull- The sides and bottom of the yacht are its Hull. It may be made up of Fiberglass, steel or plastic. Earlier it was made out of wood.

Keel- This can be considered the spinal cord of the yacht running from front to back along the center. It helps to balance the yacht when it sails.

Deck- The deck refers to the floor of the ship on which you stand. The deck differs from one vessel to another and maybe one or multiple depending on the size of your boat.

Knowing the basic parts of the yacht can get you started on your sailing journey. So whether you buy Sanlorenzo yachts or rent it, make sure you memorize these, so you know what your dealer is talking about when you go sailing.