The sporting game of netball is predominantly played by two teams of seven women on a rectangular court with semi-circular areas at each end with raised goal posts in each.  The posts are ten feet tall and have a basket ring at the top for the ball to pass through.  Each netball match lasts for an hour in total though this is split up into fifteen minute intervals and there are two three minute and one five minute breaks in between.  The seven team players are all assigned different positions to cover on the court and depending on those positions it determines where they can go and what they can do.  The seven positions are; Goal Shooter, whose role it is to attack the oppositions goal and shoot the ball through the net.  They work together with their Goal Attack team mate whose role it is to help set up attacking manoeuvres. The Wing Attack position is there to receive the netball from the defence players and to pass it on to the attack players, they move quickly between defence and attack.  The Centre player starts the game and is positioned in the middle of the court.  They are also involved in defence and attack play and like the Wingers have to move around the court quickly.

The defending players consist of; The Wing Defence whose main role it is to oppose the Wing Attack player and to defend their teams goal as well as to pass the ball forwards to the attacking players.  The Goal Defence would normally assist the Goal Keeper and help protect their goal from the opposing Goal attack player.  Then finally, The Goal Keepers role is to protect their goal at all costs and to stop the opposing team from getting the netball through the net. To better understand the game of netball why not go to a site such as Netball Drill Training videos at and you’ll find all the information you need.

Only The Goal Attack and Goal Shooter team positions are allowed into the semi-circle area from where they are allowed to shoot the ball.  If the netball passes through the oppositions net then that team scores a goal and they receive one point.  The opposing teams Goal Keeper and Goal defence players are also in the semi-circle area trying to protect their goal.  They have to stand at least three feet away from the attacking players but can raise their arms and jump up to try and deflect the ball away from the net.

Each player is allowed to move around the court in their designated areas and to catch the ball if it is passed to them.  They must have two feet on the ground or can jump up in the air and land with two feet to receive the ball.  The landing foot is allowed to pivot on the spot but the player must not directly run with the ball.