The Luxurious and Royal SANLORENZO 40 ALLOY Yacht

The builder of Italian ships can be highly proud of the SANLORENZO 40 ALLOY, as it is the one which creates the category of its own. This sport and iconic looking yacht is fast displacement of all the aluminum super yacht which comes with the hull of semi-planning. Its lines are also timeless and elegant and feature the typical yacht of Sanlorenzo. As the builder of Italian ship always pushes for exceeding the expectations, this one model is also packed well with smart innovations as the fold down terraces in main salon or even the suite of owner that opens out to sea and doors of cool wing, which one can expect usually on sports car.  Read more at the site given here for more details.

Exciting tour

The SANLORENZO 40 ALLOY yacht is showing simply the will for satisfying clients which is unlimited completely. It is long as 40 meters and pulls out of maximum speeds of around 27 knots that is impressive a lot for vessel of her sizing. It actually appears as fast when it is not moving and thanks to the silver paint and sport line exterior, which makes it more attractive. This is also one yacht that turns the head when it floats to port. Some of the technical details of this yacht are as,

  • The overall length is around 40.80 m
  • The maximum beam is around 7.90 m
  • The draught at full loading is 2.55 m
  • The maximum speed is around 23 knots
  • It offers the guest accommodation to around 10 people
  • Around 6 crew members can accommodate
  • The capacity of its fuel oil tank is 30,000 l

Exterior and decks

The SANLORENZO 40 ALLOY appears as a warship from far, mainly when it slides like bullet on water. It is termed as the luxurious and sleek yacht which offers utmost comfort as well as lot of fun on the board. For offering the guests and owner the complete privacy, the exterior decks are having also slightly recessed. Its aft deck is also dominated by the 2 tables with the in-built seats that is a perfect place for easy dining. There are also tables and chairs nearby to its bar area.

Interior and exterior work

The interior and exterior work of this SANLORENZO 40 ALLOY is done by the popular Francesco Paskowski. He has designed many of the yachts and he is enjoying his cooperation with the Italian ship builders since long.