Three Reasons why Barbados Should Be in Your Bucket List

Barbados is an island country in the Caribbean Sea close to North America. This small British island, located in the vicinity of West Indies is an inviting tourist destination. You might have seen people say, “You need some good Caribbean air to de-stress you, why don’t you go to Barbados?” because that is how rejuvenating this place this. Amazing cuisine, nice people and have you seen the villas on the beach in Barbados? They are so comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Tall palm trees lining the beaches, children playing amongst them and adults relaxing back. It has got so much aesthetic importance.

Barbados, despite being a small island, has a number of places to see, things to eat and what not. The best time to visit Barbados would be around spring. March-April is the most ideal. Although you can visit in July too, they harvest the year-end Sugarcane and organise a big festival to celebrate it. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

The Destinations


Barbados was once colonised by the British, so that must have left some landmarks on this island. Bridgetown is the capital city of this island. It is significant because of the colonial architecture left behind. Carlisle Bay is a prime tourist attraction here, a pristine beach with lush green hills with splashes of colour from exotic flowers. Scuba diving is one of the many sports activities that you can enjoy here.

St. Nicholas Abbey

Built in 1658,St. Nicholas Abbey is one of the most ancient plantation houses ever built. Take a walk through its walls, taking in all the varieties of botanical beauty. You can also visit the museum and the rum distillerywhile you are spending your days here. The museum houses many important historical artefacts, slave records and ledgers. The rum and sugar smell wafting from the distillery makes it a pleasant and memorable experience.


This bustling town is centrally located on one of the Barbados beaches. This town is the country’s leading and most important fish-market. Oistins is known for its fishing and amazing nightlife. From rum tastings to parties on the beach till 2 AM in the night, from smoked and barbecued fishes to other local cuisines that will make your mouth water- Oistins is the place to be for mad, raving bachelor and bachelorette parties. The country and folk music played enhances the whole ambience.


This northern town is the second largest town centre in Barbados. It is generally called “Little Bristol”. It is the go-to place for shopping and honeymooning. You can feast your eyes on the local art in the Caribbean Gallery of Art. Mullins Bay beach and Arlington Museum is one of the most visited tourist spots here. This town has a quaint charm about it and has its history preserved in the museum.


Not the witch, I promise you. If you are in the mood for a little adventuring and hiking, then you should take your time to climb the rock formations by the beach formed over the years of weathering. The scenic beauty is unmatched. You can go exploring the tropical rainforests or walk among the beautiful gardens there. Another important feature a large boulder called the Bathsheba rock sitting offshore the beach. It is visible from a distance.

The Caves

There are two main caves in Barbados that you can go exploring with your friends. Harrison’s cave and Animal Flower Cave. These two prime destinations attract a large number of tourists on a regular basis. Harrison’s Cave is noted for its flowing streams, babbling brooks, and crystallised limestone columns either towering or hanging from the cave ceilings. Animal Cave is a natural cave consisting of sea and coral lives. There are steps leading to the cave and once inside you will be able to see sea anemones and small coral reefs among the rock pools. Nature at its finest. You just cannot miss visiting these caves.

The Cuisine

Well, that is a lot to talk about travel and tourism. What about when you get hungry? Barbados is not lacking at all.

Barbados is famous for its rum, so you might as well enjoy some (a lot also, it is your choice after all) and take some to home for your guests to enjoy. If you are visiting in July, you will be in time for the harvest season of sugarcanes- nothing like the sweet juice of freshly harvested sugarcane. Apart from this, you can enjoy a variety of fish and marine cuisines at Oistins.

Speightstown is one of the major hubs in Barbados which are extremely popular for their food industry. The Fisherman’s Pub is famous there serving freshly caught flying fish and the national dish of cou-cou (cornmeal and okra). St. Lawrence bay has diners serving exotic seafood platters and rich creole curries. Among these you can try Bajan Bread pudding, the much loved Brown Sugar, ragamuffins, breadfruit soups and Holetown’sspeciality blackened fish with aioli. The latest dish is heaven served on a plate. It is simply delightful for your taste buds.

Barbados is a place rich with culture and a down to earth charm that draws you in. The people are so nice and polite. Apart from that, it serves as a touristdestination which almost anyone would enjoy.The beaches and small towns for the elderly, the museums and art galleries for academicians, the gardens for the couples on their honeymoon and the caves for the explorers. It doesn’t stop at that. There is so much more beauty and magic left by Nature for us to find in Barbados. The food will make you forget what home tastes like. Even after all this, if you need to think whether or not it is going to be worth it, then what was the whole point of you reading this article?