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How To Get Express Entry In Canada

These days a lot of people are migrating to Canada because of better living conditions and better work opportunities. It is also known to be an immigration friendly nation and also one of the best countries to live in by the UN. A lot of skilled workers from around the world migrate to Canada in search of better work opportunities. As it is an immigrant friendly nation so there are a number of people migrating to Canada every years. Express immigration Canada is one such program that has been launched by Canada to increase the migration of skilled labour to Canada; this express entry program also in a way eases out the immigration policies which attract a number of migrants.

The express entry is also one of the most popular immigration programs; there are three diffident immigration programs that come under this system like:

  • The federal skilled worker program- A candidate has to meet several requirements under this program in order to qualify for the skilled worker program. People who have worked voluntarily or for an unpaid internship are not considered for this program.
  • The federal skilled trade program- People who are considering on becoming permanent residents through the federal skilled trades program are considered through the qualified criteria mentioned in this program.
  • The Canadian express class- This system has a number of requirements that need to be fulfilled one being that a person has to have 12 months of full time or equivalent amount of skilled experience in Canada for atleast 3 years.

Express immigration Canada

Eligibility criteria for the express entry immigration program

  • A person needs to have financial stability in order to support his life.
  • A person is also supposed to have a year’s experience which can be wither in a full time or a part time job.
  • Proficiency in English or French is a must.
  • One has to apply in the occupation present in the Canadian occupation list.

Several express entry new rules have been introduced recently by the Canadian government like:

  • One gets additional points for good French skills; they can prove their skills by taking an eligible test for it which has to be recognised by the IRCC.
  • A person can earn 15 additional points if that person has siblings staying in Canada; they can be living or can be a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada but for this the brother or sister has to be of 18 years or above and should be related by blood, marriage or adoption.
  • Candidates who are still looking for a job or have a job interview lines up can voluntarily do a job bank registration. This will also help in hiring skilled workers for the bank job.

These new rules are a great move by the Canadian government to increase skilled migration or Canada. Once a person has clear all teh criteria and followed all the rules then that person can apply for the migration through express entry program Canada.